Top 6 must-visit places in Goa in Monsoon

This place has magic in monsoon, SO here are the Top 6 must-visit places in Goa in Monsoon

01. Udear Springs, Verna:-

Natural Waterfall – Udear Springs is a wonderful {best} place to visit in Goa in monsoon, it is a place where you are surrounded by lush greenery. Here nature gives you a chance to have a lot of fun with nature and running water. The waterfall is easily accessible and safe to visit with minimal risk. This is the most peaceful place to visit near Goa where there is none. So, if you’re in south Goa finding for small and safe waterfall surrounded by pure nature Udear spring you should not miss.

02. Keri Sattari, Goa:-

Keri is a small village between mountains and forests where people believe in a simple lifestyle. It is famous for its canal foot over the bridge, which looks like a perfect shot for lovers of offbeat places, this bridge gives you amazing looks of nature. Bridge Surrounded by mountains and a forest of coconut trees, this looks more mesmerizing in the season of monsoon. If you want to make it more fairy, try to capture the early morning sunrise, which comes from behind a mountain in the village. Not many tourists visit this place as this place is highly unknown by the tourists, but now You can not miss this place while visiting Goa.

03. Canaguinim Beach:-

This beach is inwrought with golden sand, mesmerizing sunset, amazing surroundings, beautiful view with peace, this place is highly unnoticed by the tourists. Most of the beaches are restricted due to unpredictable tidal waves in the monsoon, but one can enjoy the natural beauty of this beach in peace (it is very romantic to get drenched in unexpected rain on these deserted beaches!!). The clean sand and epic view of sunrise and sunset at Canaguinim Beach make it an ultimate destination.

04. Shiva Fall, Cabo de Rama:-

This shiva waterfall is just amazing, it has a most beautiful view. A short trek at a distance of about 15-20 minutes from the main road will take you to this waterfall which falls into a natural infinity pool and flows directly into the sea. This waterfall becomes more enjoyable in the season of monsoon. You can ask the locals for the direction in this beautiful waterfall, Here nature helps you so much that it presents you both the waterfall and the beach in one place, this thing makes it more special.

best places to visit in Goa in Monsoon

05. Cabo De Rama Fort:-

Cabo de Rama Fort is now turned into ruins, but you can still see many attractions from the past. fort in South Goa offers spectacular views of the sea and the sunset, With the arrival of the monsoon, Also, the magnificent fort overlooks the majestic Arabian Sea; the beauty of this fort shines on its own. It is one of the oldest forts in Goa, with a church within the fort that is still in use today. The fort offers a breathtaking view of Goa and is one of the best places to visit in Goa during monsoon. It is the best place for those who want to stay away from stressful life as this place offers peace and tranquillity.

Best places to visit in Goa during monsoon.

06. Kesarval Falls, Verna:-

Nestled on the Verna plateau, Kesarval Falls, also known as Kesarval Spring, is one of the beautiful waterfalls in Goa and a wonderful place to spend some time swimming and enjoying the astonishing beauty in Goa. It is advisable to visit this place only in the monsoon as the water level is at a peak. The Government of Goa has declared it an important tourist attraction and has promoted the facilities being provided there. This waterfall is one of the best waterfalls to visit and have fun in Goa.

Best places to visit in Goa In monsoon.

So these were the Best places to visit in Goa in monsoon, i hope this article helped you to find Top 6 must-visit places in Goa in during Monsoon. If it was not according to your expectation, please give feedback in below comment box. thank you!!

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